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HUSKY mission is to make the world a better place with technology and knowledge.
These are our steps to make it happen.

Husky helps Cardano
to reach its goals

We are taking part of the Cardano ecosystem and helping Cardano to become fully decentralized by running a high-level stake pool.

Husky makes Cardano easily understandable

We are creating content online to make Cardano and decentralization easily understandable for simple people like farmers, builders and even grandmas. To spread the power of decentralization and optimism. We create visual content and pro videos. 

Husky spreads the
word about Cardano

We are spreading Cardano knowledge locally. Around the villages all over Estonia. So that more people start to wake up and discover the true beauty of decentralization.  

Husky builds projects
on top of Cardano

We soon will propose new projects on Cardano and plan to take part in upcoming Catalyst rounds.